August 15, 2018

"Hi! Just wanted to tell you how grateful we are to you for finding such truly sweet people to live in the house. They are really exceptional. Love to you, Gary and Cathy"
Email from Gary and Cathy Raymond

January 26, 2016

I am extremely grateful I chose Aneta to sell my Hollywood condominium. She is on top of everything and does business in a very professional manner. Aneta was upfront and honest and is an excellent negotiator. I felt she always had my back and truly cared about me. The need to sell my condo wasa result of my divorce and there were MANY unique obstacles presented to us during the escrow period. I could not have asked her to handle them any other way. At the end, we can now say we had the only non-cash Buyer in that complex for a long time. Many other units had fallen out of escrow due to lenders not getting funded due to HOA problems. However, Aneta found a buyer who was able to get a loan! She has amazing intuition and of course experience! Ahhhh, I can breath now. Thank you Aneta

Hollywood Hills, CA


September 30, 2015

Aneta is an established professional to the highest degree. She is so kind, considerate, and accommodating. She had facilitated our move into 4 bedroom, 4 bath house rental in Ladera Heights. Even from the initial meeting, Aneta was very eager to meet our needs. From move-in to move-out, Aneta was there every step of the way. During our move-out, in particular, SHE was extremely accommodating. We had accumulated a lot of old furniture from the previous tenant, causing us to have an exorbitant amount of trash. Aneta was quick to help facilitate the removal of the furniture. She was always quick to give a helping hand. I highly recommend Aneta to anyone looking for a pleasurable home buying/leasing experience.

Scott Silver, Ladera Heights, CA

September 26, 2015

Aneta was the property manager at the house that I recently just rented. From day one, she was always very responsive and helpful in our path to securing it. She went through all of the proper steps such as credit/background checks, meetings with the owners, and final walk throughs to ensure that everything was working and in place. You can tell that she knows what she's doing and always stays professional and respectful. I highly recommend her!

Steven Daniels, Ladera Heights, CA


August, 2015

Aneta has earned my respect as a dedicated, hard working real estate broker. She has high integrity and is professional in every type of business transaction. Over the course of knowing her, I have learned a great deal about the market and negotiation tactics. If you need a broker for any type of real estate need, I highly recommend Aneta -- she will be your best asset and will help you in every step of the process.

Sarah Polk, Toluca Lake, CA


August, 2015

Aneta is an expert in the field of residential real estate in the Los Angeles area. Her dedication to her career and her clients is apparent in all her dealings. We watched her make it through the Great Recession and always go to her for real estate advice.

Isolina Lopez, Valley Village, CA


July, 2015

As a HOA president, I observed Aneta showing properties to potential clients, and found her extremely professional, articulate, and amiable. She had her clients best interest at heart. I was impressed with her dedication and performance.

Dana Eisenman, Beverly Hills, CA


July, 2015

Aneta has helped us with many single family home rentals and has been an excellent in our search for finding quality renters who are a good fit. She knows all of the areas in Los Angeles well and does her research so we had the pertinent information needed. She has been invaluable in the process in negotiating between us and our renter. I felt like she always had our best interest in sight. She even went above and beyond to help us make sure that the home was right for our renters.

Suzi Raymond, Ladera Heights, CA

June, 2015

She has sold several properties for me in the last few years and she has consistently displayed an amazing combination of integrity, knowledge, and great personality that is rarely found all in one place. I wouldn’t think twice about using her again.

Robert Sepanian, Trebor LLC, Burbank, CA

March, 2014

I highly recommend Aneta when purchasing or selling your home. She helped us when we bought our first home. Very knowledgeable in her field. She truly worked for us and was able to negotiate all aspects of purchasing the home. She was very honest and told it like it is. Had a bad experience with an agent before where we caught her lying to us just so she could have the sale. That was very unprofessional. Not with Aneta. You will not be disappointed from start to finish.

Anna Siryamniatnikova, Denver, CO


October, 2012

We used Aneta to be our agent when purchasing our dream home simply because she is our friend.  Having never dealt with her in a business transaction, we went on a hunch.  Aneta showed impeccable professionalism.  She never dropped the ball for a moment until the close of escrow and we felt that she was representing US rather than making a deal happen.  She is very knowledgeable on all the contracts and can explain everything in understandable terms.  Her recommendations for an inspector and other trades people proved to be fantastic.  Now I will use her as my agent because I know she is an expert at what she does.

Amy Hollister, Calabasas, CA


July, 2010

Being from Australia and not knowing the market here in Los Angeles, it was great to work with Aneta because she is very knowledgeable about LA which enabled us to pin the exact area we wanted to live in.  When we did write the offer, Aneta patiently went over all the paper work with us.  We were dealing with wiring money from Australia and the escrow company Aneta works with was just as professional and capable.  We highly recommend Aneta's services and hope to work with her again when buying an income property. 

Michael Nirest, Hollywood Hills, CA


July, 2007

Buildstrong Inc. is a development company and over many years has dealt with numerous real estate offices and many more realtors. Most recently, and in marketing our latest building project, we had the opportunity and quite frankly the fortune of working with Aneta Staron. She played an important role in selling the project in a very uncertain market.

Aneta has shown utmost professionalism throughout the entire process. Her work ethic is impeccable and her integrity beyond reproach. She pays close attention to needs of her clients and strivesto meet those needs. She has great communication and people skills and establishes great relationships with prospective buyers and their agents. Her dedication to her carrier and hard work is commendable. I have met very few people who are as responsive and accessible to their clients as Aneta. She is always a phone call away.

We, at Buildstrong Inc., are in business of constructing and selling houses and we will have no hesitation to work with Aneta on our future projects. Furthermore; she is proven to be the type of person whom we would trust to buy or sell our own home. Thank you Aneta and we wish you great success in your career.

Robert Ohanian, Glendale, CA