Cash in renting your house - we can help!

Prospective homeowners now face the highest prices in the county’s history, and the cost of real estate is only going up.  Many are asking:  Is it better to buy or rent? In LA, neither option is cheap and many have no choice but to rent.  With so much demand, the rental market has hit its peek since the Great Depression (except for buildings governed by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance).  This represents a lucrative opportunity for homeowners.  If you own your home and circumstances are now such that you no longer need to live in it, want to downsize or move in with family due to health or other reasons, you have the option to sell your home but a great alternative is renting the house for extra income.  

I have worked with many landlords in helping them making decisions about what repairs and budget-friendly cosmetic upgrades need to be made in order to get the maximum rent the market allows.  If you are considering renting your home, give me a call to get a professional opinion on the market and the rental value of the house.  For a free consultation call Aneta at 310-926-6115.